Dec 29, 2013 / 17 notes

So the advice you dudes gave me about not all-nightering last night kind of back-fired so I’m going to stay up all night and this post is mostly for me to remember where I’m going from here. 

The last bus leaves in an hour and half. It’s either that or wait for the first one which leaves at *checks translink*… 5:12. Hmm not bad. 

I have a draft lit review, everything else is in rough draft stage. 

1. I’m going to apply my bud’s advice to the lit review draft. 

2. I’m going to polish my methodology. 

3. I’m going to polish my findings/discussion. 

4. I’m going to write an intro. 

5. I’m going to write a conclusion. 

6. (In the wee hours) I’m going to do my statement of originality. 

7. I’m going to finalise the contents page. 

8. I’m going to try to haul together and number all of the appendices. 

9. I’m going to launch into all of the referencing. 

10. I’m going to have a shower and try to make myself look nice so that when I drink beers with you guys tomorrow afternoon I’m not the grossest thing alive (I’m looking at you, Haydon and Ren). 

11. Maybe sleep. 

12. Polish, polish, polish. 

I can do this. I know you’ve all got my back. 

42.5 hours until deadline.

  1. tesstesstesstesstesss said: YOU CAN DO IT! XXXXXX
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  3. withabang said: Get it girl!
  4. bareyrteeth said: U CAN DO IT!!!!!!!
  5. itsthom said: Always wait until the last night to go all-night. Before then you’re just rearranging sleep. Sounds like you haven’t got much new prose to write though, so you’ll pull something submit-able together!
  6. semisetadrift said: You got this, gurl.
  7. kazbrewer said: You can do it!
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