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theteethbehindkisses said: How did you afford to travel to so many amazing places? How long were you traveling for as well?

Haha, were you reading my mind while I was posting that last post?

I was originally only going to go to the United States, mostly because I’ve been just about everywhere in the world that I really, really wanted to go to on previous journeys, and decided it was time to explore somewhere new. 

But I was lucky enough to win a competition that gave me many thousands of British Pounds to spend on flights and a little spending money, so I decided to turn the trip into a bit of a world tour (the competition was technically for “round the world flights”).

That said, it still cost a whole lot. I’m thinking about $15,000. I don’t know how it got to be that much, because all of my previous trips have come well under $4,000, and have been similar lengths (and on my first overseas adventure, I visited almost double the number of countries). I was away for almost 5 months. 

I saved really fucking hard, travel is something that’s very, very important to me, and I don’t spend a whole lot of money on anything else. Yet I still ended up running out of money and having to ask my beautiful (and apparently not-so-beautiful, now) friends to lend me something and I’m in the process of paying people back. So technically, I couldn’t afford it. 

Seriously, the first time I travelled I was 17 years old, living on my own and had been for two years. For those entire two years I decided that every cent that was left over after I paid for my dodgy lodgings, pitiful amounts of food and school supplies was going to be saved so that I could go and meet my extended family for the first time. And I did it. I was earning next to nothing at a supermarket, but I still managed to save enough for return flights - to and from Barcelona, and to see 17 countries with the help of a EuRail pass (and a friend that lives in Egypt).  I covered three continents in three-and-a-half months and made it back to Australia in time to start university two hours after jumping off the plane. And I came back with money. 

If I can do it, anybloodybody can. x 

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